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What is AZL?

Azl is a GE-NUTZ-RATIVE PP community collection based on SOLANA to make the Web3 space GO NUTZ.

Degen is a thing of the past, Welcome to the NUTZGEN!


AZL were born to delight the entire web3.0 Crazy characters, Crazy drops, Crazy projects. That’s how we want web3.0 to be. AZL is a safe place for any holder to come and be themselves to express their uniqueness and to build projects over SOLANA.

FREE MINTDATE MINT : 9th of October
MINTING DETAILS: to be announced.
Stay tuned!
RARITY8 Levels of Insanity – 112 different traits
SUPPLYSeveral Thousand of Handrawned AZLs and very rare legendary 3D AZLs MADE by a secret SOLANA Project. Bringing the NUTZYNESS to Web3.