N01ZET will empower the new (de)generations on their work journey!

Career is a word of the past, blockchain will eat the world and boomers are burning our planet. So what do we do about it?

We go NutZzz!

This collection is the first step of a work-revolution powered by the Solana network to create unparalleled utilities!

AZL powered by startup N01ZET is the gateway the one of the most exciting fintech project to come on Solana pushed by an experienced team of web2/web3 builders and advisors that will be fully transparent with the community and the holders.

The Roadmap is NutzzZ:

– Partnerships with tier 1 companies

– e-Commerce and NFT Marketplace providing holders access to a bunch of goods and services.

– Promising Token ICO – massive discount off for NFT AZL (2d or 3d) holders

The masterplan? Create the first corporate token to help employers, employees and stakeholders to share the created value together in fairer and a more efficient way. Imagine reinventing capitalism on Solana…that’s Nutzzz, right?