Victor Degbo

Founder & CEO

Philippe Boisselet

Founding Partner Business & Marketing Development

Valérie Caillaud

Founding Partner Human resources

Anne-Marie Calmeil

Founding Partner Strategy& Public Affairs

Marie-Hélène Morvan

Founding Partner CSR Impact

Guy Roulier

Founding Partner Operations


Maxime Sebti

Advisor of ICO and NFT team

Paul Senente

Community Builder

Marie-Hélène Morvan

Founding Partner CSR Impact

Laurent Sachs

Investor Relations

Pierre Boscq

Finance, Risk & Compliance

Jean-Marie Simon

Head of the Scientific Committee


Liye Tang

Marketing & ICO

Alizée Hervouet

Marketing & Business Development


Coming from very different backgrounds, we all chose to participate in the N01ZET project for its innovative character and its social and societal commitment. We are aware of the challenges linked to human capital and value sharing, and we are an experienced team eager to learn and share our knowledge.

Our diverse backgrounds and experiences give us a good understanding of the opportunities available to N01ZET in different economic sectors. We believe that new technologies such as blockchain will bring about profound changes in societies, and it is with this in mind that we accompany the development of N01ZET.

Being at the beginning of our careers, N01ZET answers the questions we ask ourselves for our professional projects and to which we wish to bring answers, in order to blossom in ideal working environments.

Camille Nguyen

Cultural Project Management

Lison Julien

FinTech & Green Finance

Roxane Virey

Politic sciences and Education

Louis Paban

Data science

Ambroise Roulier

Management & Finance

Maxime Logeart

Management & Finance